Select A Coach


Welcome to IMPRINT and the beginning of your new business adventure.

At IMPRINT we know that our program success is entirely built upon your personal success within the program, that's why we provide the best industry experts to help you build your new promotional marketing business.

Everyone who joins IMPRINT is provided a highly-skilled and knowledgeable promotional products practitioner for their business Coach. Your Coach will work with you to build a successful promotional business starting on Day #1. Every IMPRINT Coach provides their own unique industry insights, marketing recommendations, and direction to fit within your available schedule to be the most productive.  On average, Coaches have over 10 years industry experience, and many sell over $1 million annually.

Below are profiles of our professional Coaches, written in their own words.  Select the one that you find best matches your business style.

You have 30 days to meet with the Coaches and make your initial selection.  You will then have up to 6 months to change your mind and select another Coach.  

Our Coaches also have the right to accept or decline applicants to their coaching program.  Coaches are limited to 50 students (on average), so they are looking for the best students under their program.