Three IMPRINT Opportunities
IMPRINT Opportunities are: IMPRINT Store License, IMPRINT Neighborhood License, and IMPRINT Master License

IMPRINT Store License, absolutely FREE to everyone!  Upon registering for your IMPRINT Dealership, a personalized IMPRINT Store will be built for you.  The Store domain can be whatever your choose.  Your IMPRINT Store offers the best On-Demand promotional products from the industry's top Suppliers.  No minimum orders, the fastest delivery schedule.
IMPRINT Stores provide a 30% commission.  All purchases are processed by credit card online under the IMPRINT billing identity, credit card processing fees will be deducted prior to commissions being paid.  You will receive commissions via ACH Deposit into your personal banking account within 3 business days from the time credit cards are processed.
An IMPRINT Store provides a No-Risk opportunity, allowing you the ability to try your hand at selling imprinted merchandise. Any business takes hard work to be successful, IMPRINT offers the experience and tools to get you started.  The IMPRINT Store option is best for part-time work, as well as anyone just investigating the IMPRINT opportunity, as it comes with no fees to all.

IMPRINT Neighborhood License, Once you are ready to expand your IMPRINT business, our Option #2 - IMPRINT Neighborhoods offer a protected territory where you can offer unlimited IMPRINT stores to local businesses, schools, churches and sports teams.  DEalers are also provided the use of the IMPRINT brand as their business & marketing identification.
The IMPRINT Neighborhood is the heart of our IMPRINT program, for it allows you the opportunity to develop your local neighborhood with unlimited branded stores for your market penetration, all at no cost to your customers.  All of these stores accumulate together to drive more commissions into your bank account.  Just imagine 10, 50, 100 or more Neighborhood stores generating thousands of dollars every month.
An IMPRINT Neighborhood is only $75 per month and includes IMPRINT marketing materials for you to develop UNLIMITED stores within your neighborhood. The IMPRINT Neighborhood provides a combination of the IMPRINT Store with a local IMPRINT Dealer for the "personal touch" when ordering imprinted goods.
The IMPRINT Neighborhood is the only option that requires a financial investment from our Members to start-up with.  The reason for this is two-fold; first, there are many costs involved, from providing branded client stores, IMPRINT marketing materials, local SEO marketing, and physically monitoring sales activity for compensation.  We also believe strongly that people who commit themselves and money, work harder to become successful.  
IMPRINT offers a 90-day guarantee that any investment is returned for whatever reason.  We are that confident that in 90-days you will earn more than enough to cover the monthly fee for your exclusive territory.  
With the Neighborhood License comes a unique IMPRINT identification, as you are now representing IMPRINT within your Neighborhood.  You will receive IMPRINT business cards and brochures to market within yoiur Neighborhood. 

IMPRINT Master LicenseIMPRINT Dealers may become eligible (after 1 year) to become an IMPRINT Master Licensee.  A Master License allows Dealers to carve out a much larger sales territory for their business.  Whereas, Dealers have no protected sales territory nor IMPRINT Brand identification, and IMPRINT Neighborhoods are protected by a Zip Code boundary, a Master License is defined as a City or County boundary for protection.  Each Master License is based on population count and provided for 5-year increments. 
With IMPRINT, you choose where you are most comfortable to begin your promotional marketing business. Both the Dealer and Neighborhood Licenses come with a 100% guarantee of money-back in the first 90-days.