IMPRINT provides a no-risk opportunity to individuals and families that want to start a business for themselves, but may lack the funds and experience to do so.  The IMPRINT solution is a culmination of over 40 years by one of the promotional products industry's experts.  The program is built to allow you to work at your own level of comfort.  As in all businesses, the more efforts you focus on your business – the more your business will thrive.
Two Solutions have been built into IMPRINT to make this a very simple decision to start your own IMPRINT business, today. 
You begin by registering for an IMPRINT Dealership and receiving your own personalized IMPRINT Store to launch your business online.  With your new Store, all the site maintenance and order processing is provided by IMPRINT.  With Solution #1, your efforts are primarily focused on selling online and/or sharing your new business with family, friends, and neighbors.  As you go about your day today, look around and start counting how many items you see with an imprint applied to it.  How many imprinted items do you have in your own home?  When you see how many imprinted items you and your family have, then just multiply that by how many people you come in contact with every day.
IMPRINT is also the right choice for industry professionals who struggle with competing online against the larger online resellers.  You know who they are, and how often you have asked yourself "if I could only have a website like that". Your search has ended with IMPRINT, we provide more features within our Store and we do all the SEO work for our Neighborhood Stores.  IMPRINT offers promotional Distributors the opportunity to sell No Minimum products within their current business without disruption or additional overhead to process No Minimum products.
Your IMPRINT Store is provided Free.  You can order your Store today by registering on this site, you will also be asked to select your personal IMPRINT Coach.  Your Coach will provide instructions on how to best operate your IMPRINT business as well as provide advice on how to become successful within the promotional products industry.
Inside your IMPRINT Store are hundreds of top quality products from the industry's best Promo On-Demand Suppliers. Take the time today to compare the IMPRINT opportunity to any other program or career path into launching a promotional products business while attending school, at home, or part-time. Example: 
UNLIMITED Print-on-Demand Stores
Why not carve out your own exclusive IMPRINT Neighborhood to sell and manage IMPRINT Stores for every school, business, church or event within that territory? You can acquire your own exclusive and protected sales territory for only $75/mo. 
With your IMPRINT Neighborhood, IMPRINT will provide UNLIMITED stores for all the businesses, schools, churches, and sports organizations within your Neighborhood. There are no limits to the number of IMPRINT Stores you can launch.  Once again, there is no cost to each store to build and host.  all Neighborhood Stores sales will be included in your commission structure.
Also, with an IMPRINT Neighborhood, IMPRINT provides SEO marketing along with hand-out marketing materials to assist your efforts in building your neighborhood business.  Your Neighborhood Store marketing site will be branded as  "IMPRINT", to leverage the strength of the Brand. Example 
When selecting your IMPRINT Neighborhood, consider market potential, proximity to you, and overall geographical size.  IMPRINT allows you to change your Neighborhood to another available Neighborhood at any time, so trial and error is totally fine to allow you to pick the best Neighborhood for you.  Also, you can sell your Neighborhood rights to another IMPRINT Affiliate at any time, for whatever amount you wish, the IMPRINT Neighborhood License will remain at $75/mo.
IMPRINT Stores offerhundreds of imprinted products that can be ordered in quantities as low as 1 piece.  All orders will be shipped from our IMPRINT Vendors within 72 hours of order receipt.  IMPRINT stores are quick and easy to build, they will be online, ready to accept orders in under 24 hours.   With these free Neighborhood stores, you will find the competition will have nothing comparable to challenge.
Imagine 25, 50, or even 100 Neighborhood stores generating 30% sales commission for your family.  All for only $75/mo to acquire your own IMPRINT Neighborhood license.  Additional Neighborhoods (Zip Codes) can be added to your IMPRINT License for $75/mo.  (added Zip Codes must be adjacent)

With IMPRINT as your partner, you can offer:
  • FREE local business merchandise stores within your Neighborhood
  • You can launch Neighborhood stores with no up-front inventory 
  • You provide the direct face-to-face interaction with Neighborhood clents
Both Solutions provide exactly what we promise - a risk-free opportunity..  All we ask in return is that you just invest in yourself to build your own business.  When successful, you will become more confident, more independent and financially rewarded.