IMPRINT is for students, at-home parents, and new career seekers who wish to open their own business, work within their own daily schedule, and start with absolutely $0 out of their pocket.  IMPRINT only asks you to learn and follow the proven IMPRINT program to success.

Our unique program delivers expert industry coaches to guide you with running a successful promotional products business.  Along with the free coaching, you will be provided a website for your business with your own business identity ( On top of all that, upgrade to our Neighborhood program for UNLIMITED Print-on-Demand stores for your customers.  All sales generated from your website provide you commissioned income.  The program is that simple! 

Your IMPRINT store provides revenue while you are in college, between jobs, as supplemental income towards paying bills, or taking the family on memorable vacations.

Our mission is to provide a career pathway for anyone starting their own business in promotional products marketing. IMPRINT is not a charity; we are a group of industry professionals and companies working together to mentor individuals in how to start a promotional products company for themselves. Your IMPRINT store is free, the lifetime personal coaching is free, the unlimited stores for your customers are free - the rest is up to you - for this business is 100% yours. 

IMPRINT takes on much of the work in setting-up a business upon itself, and off your shoulders. IMPRINT has created the best online Store platform in promotional marketing, we established credit with the industry’s Top Manufacturers, and we manage your SEO with IMPRINT Neighborhoods.  Also, with IMPRINT Neighborhoods we provide Sales programs and Marketing materials to drive local customers to your business. This frees your time to focus on the growth of your business, more time with prospects – less time with paperwork.

All store orders will be processed by IMPRINT and commissions paid direct to you.  To be a great partner, we are 100% transparent in our program revenue architecture:

Sales Commission - Best in the Industry!

  • For YOU: Guaranteed 30% Commission
  • For IMPRINT: Up to 20% to cover CC Processing Fees + Operations 

Any non-Website orders you acquire can still be placed with IMPRINT under the same commission structure, or you can place these orders directly yourself (or with another company who will process your orders). Bottom-line, this is your business and decisions are yours to make in your best interest.

Once you join IMPRINT, you will be introdcued to your very own IMPRINT coach to guide you on building your new business.